Avi's Glean: Reading things with an eye towards gleaning the useful parts of the content, instead of fighting with the broken parts. In the future this entry should link to a blog post by Avi himself.

Avi's Money Principle: the most fungible good becomes the money.

Cultureoscopy: (Credit Ben Bascom) that thing from Office Space where the two consultants interview everyone and try to decide which functions are necessary and which are not.

Culturebotomy: when the people with institutional knowledge leave.

Indognity: The indignity of being a dog. Being wiped by someone else, having to hold your bladder until someone says you can go, begging for table scraps: these are little indognities.

OCD Candy: Pulling dried glue from fingertips. Sorting M&Ms. Repetitive file editing. Any little tasks which is deeply satisfying to one's OCD side.

Storiented: A story oriented thing.

Surfing in the general sense: Surfing, in the abstract or general sense, is controlling something on the leading edge of a wave.