Avi's Glean: Reading things with an eye towards gleaning the useful parts of the content, instead of fighting with the broken parts. In the future this entry should link to a blog post by Avi himself.

Avi's Money Principle: the most fungible good becomes the money.

Awkwork: Heavy use of the awk tool in your work. Also a portmanteau of awkward and work.

Bascom's Principle: Choose people over things.

Cultureoscopy: (Credit Ben Bascom) that thing from Office Space where the two consultants interview everyone and try to decide which functions are necessary and which are not.

Culturebotomy: when the people with institutional knowledge leave.

Emergence: From Anathem by Neal Stephenson. A stressful situation with very high story branching value; behavior in the emergence has disproportionate effect on future outcomes. It has some of the crisis connotation of Emergency, but also the connotation of an opportunity for anyone who spots it and acts well.

Indognity: The indignity of being a dog. Being wiped by someone else, having to hold your bladder until someone says you can go, begging for table scraps: these are little indognities.

OCD Candy: Pulling dried glue from fingertips. Sorting M&Ms. Repetitive file editing. Any little tasks which is deeply satisfying to one's OCD side.

Storiented: A story oriented thing.

Surfing in the general sense: Surfing, in the abstract or general sense, is controlling something on the leading edge of a wave.

Tab Fever: How many browser tabs do you have open right now? Do you feel healthy? Or do you feel like these tabs are kind of frying your brain? The cure for tab fever is ruthlessness.